Data usage policy

The present Policy describes the information we process for vitrine-e operation and services offered by vitrine-e. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity of present his initiatives, project, brand, a company or federate around project innovative contribution to the development of its community. To benefit from a segment of profitable market for him and his customers, without any obstacles. To share the experience and the security of vitrine-e users we have defined some restrictions that applies to the type Allowed content and behavior. These restrictions are st out below in the rules of vitrine-e. The rules of vitrine-e as well as all the policies that they group our Privacy Policy and our Terms of use constitute the 'Contract of Use of vitrine-e' which governs a user's access to the window service and its use.

The informations we collect when you use our servieces

For the sake of transparency, we believe that it is important for us to list the data we collect about you and how we use that data we collect information about the browser and the device you are using, such as the type of browser or the phone model you use, this allows us to improve our services. For example when someone tries to access your account from another phone or browser, we could alert you to confirm tha you are the author of this change or otherwise blocked or take other action in case you are not the author. We do not, however, collect data about your location, we do not collect data on your phone other than the marke of the phone, we do our best to colect as little information as possible about he users of our services by what we believe everyone has the right to a private life.

We collect information about your activity in our services, which we use to recommend a service prescriber, an initiative that might nterest your. There information can be for example the initiatives to which you subscribe, your centers of interest

We use data to design better services

We use your information to ensure that our services work properly. Like the different problems that you report to us. We also use your intormation to improve our services. for example tthe recognition of search temrs that are most often misspelled help us to improve features of spell checkers used in our services.

We also use the information we collect form existing srvices to help us design new ones. We use the intormation we collect to personalize our services, in particular by offering recommandations, content Custom

Communicate with you

We use the iformation we collect, such as your phone number to interact directly with you. For example we can send you a notification if we detect suspicious activity, such as an attempt to log into your Vitrine-e account from of an unusual phone. We may otherwise notify you of future changes or improvemenets to our services. And if you communicate with Vitrine-e we keep a recording your request to help us resolve any issues you may have meet.

Sharing your information

We do not share your personal information with enterprises, organizaations, or people outside Vitrine-e. in cases we will have to share your nformation ith any ntity we will ask for your consent

For legal reasons

We may have to share ersonal nformation outside of Vitrine-e, to comply applicable laws and régulations, legal procedings or an investigation enforceable goverment. To enforce the conditions of use in force including for investigation of possible fallure to do so. To detect, avoid or deal with fraudulent activities, security expectations or any problem technical. To protect against any infringement o the rights, property or security of Vitrin of its user or the public, in application and in compliance with the law

Service security and information protection

All of the services on display vitrine-e are designed with solid security features that constantly protect your information. Our feature automatically block security threats before they even reach you. If we really detect a dangerous situation that we must bring to your attention, we will inform you and guide you in the steps to follow to stay better connected.

Changes to this policy

We change this Policy from time to time. We always indicate the date on which the last modification were published. In the event of a significant change, we will publish a highlighted warning, (including for cerain services, by means of an SMS notification)



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