Data usage Policy

The present Policy describes the information we process for vitrine-e operation and services offered by vitrine-e. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity of present his initiatives, project, brand, a company or federate around project innovative contribution to the development of its community. To benefit from a segment of profitable market for him and his customers, without any obstacles. To share the experience and the security of vitrine-e users we have defined some restrictions that applies to the type Allowed content and behavior. These restrictions are st out below in the rules of vitrine-e. The rules of vitrine-e as well as all the policies that they group our Privacy Policy and our Terms of use constitute the 'Contract of Use of vitrine-e' which governs a user's access to the window service and its use.

Who can use Vitrine-e ?

When people respond with their advvice and action, our community is safer and more responsible. For this reason yu will need :

  • - Provide accurate information about you ;
  • - Create a single account of yours and use your journal for personal purposes and for good for the community ;
  • - Never share your password, allow others to acces your password of Vitrine-e account, not transfer yur account to anyone (without our authorization) ;
  • - To be at least 14 years old
All persons who acess or use the window services comply with Policy enunciate in the rules of vitrine-e. in case of non-compliance vitrin can take one or several of the following sanction :
  • - Require that you delete the content, to be able to create a new post and interact with other users of vitrine-e ;
  • - Temporarily imit your ability to create publications or interact with other users ;
  • - Ask you to check the ownership of the account with the phone number or a E-mail adress

Use of our services

The use of our services does not confer any intellectual property rights on our services or the content you access. You must not use any content obtained through our services without the permission of the owner of such content has unless authorized by law. These terms of use do not give you the right to use any trademark, any logo, any initiative or project present in our services , Under any in any way.

Our services display content that does not belong to Vitrine-e. These contents belong tho the whole responsibility of the entity or person that made than vailable. We may have to check the content (initiative, project...) to ensure compliance with the law or our policies. We will retain the right to remove or refuse o post any content that we believe to be reasonably in violation of the law or our policies. the fact that we resserve ourselves this right does not necessarily mean that we check the contents

Intellectual property

Vitrine-e allow you to store, upload an initiative, send roperty and receive content. You keep all yond you.ur intellectual property rights on this content, which is to you and only you.

When you send , upload an initiative, store or receive content through our services,you grant to vitrine-e and anyone working at vitrine-e, the right to modify your content to improve the fuctionning of your content through our services theis right that you grant us is limited to exploitation, promoting or improving our services or creationg new services;

Trademark: we reserve the right to suspend accounts or to take other appropriate measures including the no of his business and / or his logo is use in a way likely to mislead or deceive others in the assignment of that mark.

Use of our services

We constantly modify and improve our services. We are therfore likely to add or remove features or functions and it can also happen that we suspend or interrupt a service.

You may stop using our services at any time, but we hope that you will continue to use them. Vitrine-e is entitled to cease to proovide you with all or part, or add or create new limits on the use of services at any time.

For s you are the owner of the dta that you entrust to us and we think that it is important that you can acccesit. if we should interrupt a srvice, to the extent possible, we will notify you in a reasonable time and give you the opportunity to retrieve data from this service



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