Take inspiration from Théophile !

A journey worthy of a character from beyond Silicon Valley, the success started with an idea that matured and improved over time associated with will, effort and work.

Théophile Eliet is a very ambitious young entrepreneur who manages several businesses on the internet. Between the sale of training courses for entrepreneurs, others for students, creators of content on YouTube, real estate investor and who in addition makes affiliation. Théo has skills all over the place.

Théo owes his success to its quality content and to the testimonials of the people he has helped of course, but above all because Théo understood that it was necessary to undertake differently. He doesn't say what everyone else says, he doesn't teach like everyone else does. He wants to be the voice and not just an echo. It was in May 2014 that Théophile created his first blog. He posts his own self-created review sheets to help the students in his class. He then decides to monetize it by selling his review sheets to students, then creating an 80-page ebook. Success does not take long: after barely 4 months, the young entrepreneur earns his first 1600 euro.

Encouraged by this experience, he created a second blog intended to help those who wish to start an online business. He develops his first training, and inaugurates his Youtube channel. Determined to quit salaried employment, he produced some 60 videos, which he filmed during his breaks with his phone, in the space of a month.

Once again, success is there. Go to his Instagram and YouTube account, you will discover a man passionate about what he does with experience and who has a lot of advice to help you develop your business on the net.


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