Take inspiratioon from Amber Lilyestrom.

You're not alone when you say " i have zero dollars, how will i start my business ?". Know that onze of modern and great entrepreneur start from 0 dollars + 0 followers on instagram... Let's learn and take inspiration from Amber Lilyestrom.

Branding strategist, business coach, and up-and-coming influencer, Amber Lilyestrom, says that successful branding involves big leaps of faith and a willingness to transform. She also contends that one of the secrets to keeping home and work less stressful is taking help from others when needed.

As part of the solution, she offers a blog with all sorts of helpful articles and a podcast, “The Amber Lilyestrom Show,” where she discusses everything from branding and business to health, wellness, and spirituality. Her approach to social media is to “consistently show up” as herself and be authentic. Check out her Instagram page, and you’ll find Lilyestrom ‘getting it real’ at home and on the road.


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