Take inspiration from Mia

Mia Russel is a great person, if you read her story you will find someone who looks like you. You can identify with it.

Mia Russel is an Instagram influencer, she studies Reforming Pilates tutorials through The Studio Academy, so that she can deepen her knowledge and training and become a fully qualified Pilates instructor.

Here is her story

In January 2019 Mia is only a schoolgirl presents a known car accident, a violent accident which bursts her vertebrae and broke her collarbone and her hip. She couldn't walk for a week and wore her Boston brace for 4 months.

Her last year of high school, which she was to have started at the same time, unfortunately did not go well, as she says in her story "the doctors told her that there was no great choice to be made because of the difficulty of its recovery ". Despite all of this, despite the limitations she had to cope with, Mia found the strength within herself to continue working to improve her condition. And this between the pain, the sacrifice, the sweating and the tears that Mia discovered her passion for Pilates.

And on her instagram account she shares her love and passion with us and helps us develop the confidence we need to take the next step of our own through health and fitness classes.


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